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One of the best events in our life is wedding. This can only happen once in our lifetime (not unless you get a divorce and be willing to marry another one). Anyway, the purpose of this letter of appreciation is to express your gratitude to people who attended your wedding and sent you a wedding present. Before you start writing a letter of appreciation, you need to understand how to write wedding thank you note samples the following tips:

1. When writing a letter of appreciation, it is recommended to write it personally;
2. Appreciate the people who attended your wedding;
3. Always mention the specific present you received from your guests;
4. Use either black or blue inks; and
5. Make sure to send your appreciation letter to your entire guest within 6 weeks after the wedding.

Below are the samples of writing a letter of appreciation to your guest who attended your wedding:

wedding thank you notes


Wedding Thank You Note Samples 1:

Dear Cora,

I really appreciate the time you have shared with us during the happiest moment in our lives. However, the present you had given during our wedding day is very much appreciated. We can assure you that this item will be valued so much like how we value our friendship as well.

I never expected this present but you amazed us so much. For this, you are just making me lose my words and I can’t pick the best adjective to describe our feelings toward your present. We really appreciate your effort and contribution to make this event a very successful one.

Once again, thank you very much. See you later.

John and Marsha


Wedding Thank You Note Appreciation Samples 2:

Dear Aileen and Ben,

Thank you so much being with us. I know that both of you are also busy for your upcoming business trip. Yet you were able to commit with the promise for being with us in our wedding day. I really appreciate your efforts. Most especially the wardrobe that you give us is very nice.

We are now packing up our clothes to fit in the wardrobe. The designs are very elegant and it adds up to the sophistication of the room. Thank you so much for your contribution and I hope that we could hang out again as soon as you are not busy with the business.

I also wish you the best and make the most out of it.

Joemar and Kim


Wedding Thank You Note Samples 3:

Dear Eusebio,

First of all, I would like to thank you for bringing the joy and spices to our wedding. I did not know that you are a good singer. If only I knew, I should have chosen you as our wedding singer. Anyway, we really appreciate your effort for giving us a special number.

You were able to deliver the best interpretation of our wedding song and I admire you for that. Thank you for the chinaware that you gave us. We are now displaying it in our showroom. This is to remind us that we have you as a true friend and it will remind me of your talent as a singer.

Cheers for that. Once again, thank you very much and we wish you all the best in life as well.

Maybel and Adrian

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